harvey, 2017


Harvey is a 14 year old 16.1 hh Irish Sport Horse gelding. Born in Ireland and imported, he is an Irish gentleman who will teach you the ins and outs of jumping. He has automatic changes. He is that special horse that can be ridden by beginners up through our advanced riders.



Emma is a 15 year old , 16 hh Hanoverian mare. She had her first baby at SeaHorse in May of 2016. She is tall and beautiful and is used for beginners through intermediate riders.



Orion is  a 9 year old Percheron cross gelding. Standing at 16.3 hh, he is our tallest horse He is a gentle giant. He is ridden by beginners, shown in leadline, and loves to jump
crossrail courses.
seahorse, dandy, 2015


Dandy is a 23 year old Arabian gelding. Fine and Dandy is known throughout the state of Maine and has spent many years gracing the show ring with short- stirrup riders. He has automatic changes. He is in semi-retirement and is only used for our beginners.
seahorse, anna and kip


Kip is a 6 year old gelding. He is 13 hh and is our smallest lesson pony. Kip is excited about show season and showing off his flashy trot (in another life he was a driving pony!) He is used intermediate and up riders.

dottie, 2017


Dottie is a 24 year old Appaloosa mare. Dottie is our therapeutic riding horse and has a fabulous walk. She LOVES being brushed and getting treats.
luka, 2017


Luka is a 12 year old Clydesdale Quarter Horse cross gelding. He is new to the farm and is used for intermediate and up riders. He has a spring in his step and is always eager to please.


Reggie is a 6 year old mare. She is used for intermediate through advanced riders and is as graceful as they come.


Pirate is a 12 year old mini that is blind in one eye. He is our SeaHorse mini, camp buddy and escape artist!