Our goal at SeaHorse Stables is to help you sleep well at night, free from worry about your horses’s care. We have much to offer:
23, 12×12 matted stalls, each with a window and dutch door to be opened when weather permits. Local pine shavings from Robbins lumber. Insulated water buckets. Full service.
Group or individual. Hay 3 times during full-day turnout. Nighttime turnout during Summer months. Groups are in 5 acre grass pastures with sheds for shade, arranged by temperament. Individual paddocks are 50’x200′ with sheds, grouped near other horses for their comfort.
Our on-site barn manager feeds night-check hay (and grain, cubes, or denghi if necessary) and as well as puts her eyes on your partner to make sure they are looking happy and healthy 
Other amenities include:
-On-site trainer 
-Use of 220×80 indoor ring
-Use of 100×200 outdoor ring
-wash stall with hot water
-private, heated tack room
-loft storage
-personalized feed routine (barn grain is Poulin)
Price: $930/month

Please call for more details, stall availability, please call (207) 218-1520