Our 2019 show dates are June 23 and August 4!

Prize List and Schedule

Start time 9:00 a.m.; Warm-ups begin at 7:30 a.m.

1. Hunter Breeding Ponies

2. Hunter Breeding Horses

3. Lead-line Equitation, 7 and under

4. Lead-line Pleasure, 7 and under

5. Walk-Trot Pleasure, 10 and under

6. Walk-Trot Equitation, 10 and under

**7. Walk-Trot poles Medal

*8. Downeast Walk-Trot poles Medal

**9. Open Go as you please Equitation

**10. Open Go as you please Pleasure


SCHOOLING BREAK– one trip over posted course please

11. Short Stirrup/Long Stirrup Hunter O/F 18” cross rails

12. Short Stirrup/Long Stirrup Hunter U/S On the flat

13. Short Stirrup/Long Stirrup Equitation 18” cross rails

14. Short Stirrup/Long Stirrup Equitation On the flat

15. MeHJA Short Stirrup/ Long Stirrup Medal

*16. Downeast Short Stirrup/Long Stirrup Medal

17. Easy Does It 18” cross rails

18. Easy Does It 18” cross rails

19. Easy Does It Hunter On the flat

20. 18” Puddle Jumper


SCHOOLING BREAK – one trip over posted course please

21. Schooling Jumpers

22. Schooling Hunter 2’3” fences

23. Schooling Hunter  2’3” fences

24. Schooling Hunter U/S

25. MeHJA Modified Medal 2’3”

*26. Downeast Modified Junior medal 2’3”

27. MeHJA Adult Amateur Medal 2’3”

*28. Downeast Modified Adult Medal 2’3”

29. Pony Working Hunter small/medium 2’3, Large 2’6’

30. Pony Working Hunter Stake small/medium 2’3”, Large 2’6”

31. Pony Working Hunter under saddle

*32. Downeast Mini Medal

33. Special Working Hunter 2’6”

34. Special Working Hunter 2’6”

35. Special Working Hunter U/S

*36. Downeast Junior Medal

37. MeHJA Adult Amateur Medal

*38. Downeast Adult Amateur Medal

(Please note: *=Downeast Medal Qualifying Class; **=Unaffiliated class; All other classes are MeHJA affiliated).

STAKE classes require a minimum of 4 riders for full payout

Must enter the 2 other classes in the division

Payout is as follows: First $50.00, Second $20.00, Third $10.00

Go as you please- Open to all riders but geared toward novice riders and/or green horses and ponies. All will enter the ring at the walk. When “go as you please” is announced, riders may walk, trot and/or canter showing off all that they can. The judge will announce and walk and change of directions then go as you please again. For the cross rail class, after the flat phase, all riders will line up and one at a time jump a single cross rail at the trot or canter

As a note from MeHJA, please remember:
~ You must be an MeHJA member before points will count. You can join before or at your first show (before you show).
~ In horse-judged classes, the owner of the horse must be a member.
~ In Equitation/rider-judged classes, the rider must be a me